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About Evelyn

Evelyn LangEvelyn Lang is an anointed, down to earth, Christian Speaker who has helped so many people have victory in their lives. It's easy to relate to what she is saying as she gives Godly wisdom to attain the freedom we all desire.


Speaking Topics

God's Treasure Chest – Hidden Secrets for Living Victoriously

God has many treasures inside of His treasure chest. This message touches on several treasures – nuggets of wisdom that God has taught me about in Lessons I Learned from the Lord. It is about God’s love for people and His wisdom in helping us handle what every Christian deals with in their daily lives. It will bring a word of encouragement and freedom to each one so that they can go home and apply these lessons to practical everyday Christian living. It is everyone’s story in that they will see themselves in these "lessons".

Healing and the Ultimate Healing

This is a powerful talk on how it is God’s will to heal, hindrances to healing, and the enemy’s lies when it comes to our healing. It is about the ultimate healing when it is His time to take them home. God speaks life always, but sometimes it is life on earth and sometimes it is life in heaven – but it is always life. It ends with a touching personal story and the invitation to receive Christ.

Use of Words

Keys for parenting and living the marriage of your dreams.

Men, would you like to know a secret about women? This 30 minute message has nuggets of wisdom in relationships with children and spouses.


Evelyn has made numerous television appearances including Christian Television Network's - It's Time for Herman and Sharron Show, and on Le Sea Broadcasting's Harvest Show. If you would like to interview Evelyn, please use the contact form to present your request.


Your testimony has encouraged me to complete the task that God spoke into my life some 30 years ago. You are real and humble and you spread the truth and glorify God. Thank you. You have helped me so much. God bless you!

Laura O’Connell, Oak Ridge, NJ

You have put into words what He has spoken to me through His Spirit, directly in my heart.

Donna Scardelle, Oak Ridge, NJ

I appreciated the portion of Evelyn’s message on “waiting”. It seemed that she was talking to me. A long promised word from God – yet to be fulfilled. I was inspired to keep on preparing and to keep on expecting – to keep looking for the houses beyond the clouds!

Anne Marie DeMasi, Florham Park, NJ

Your thoughts on when God speaks versus Satan. I so needed to hear how to tell the difference and there is such freedom in that. No longer is the enemy going to have the upper hand or put the wool over my eyes! Your talk about death was comforting and freeing when it comes fro praying for healing and God taking them home.

Christine Fritzsch, Qak Ridge, NJ

I truly enjoyed the entire day – many tidbits of truth. The most amazing truth is about our gift of eternal life. Yes it is sad – we grieve over our loss and miss that precious one but what lies ahead is so amazing – awesome……..

Linda M. Marvel, Millsboro, DE

Just as you have shared the testimony of many of God’s miracles performed in your life, I had been praying for awhile about how I could share some of the testimonies He has done in my life over the years………By hearing your message, it encouraged me not to give up in seeking how the Lord wants me to share that testimony. Thank you for sharing.

Gail Opitz, Hopatcong, NJ

What really helped me is your explanation about how Satan puts thoughts in our heads. Our thoughts are not necessarily our own.

Patty Pignatello, Wayne, NJ